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The Runaway Train

George Cadbury was a major philanthropist and was one of the business owners to pioneer bank holidays with his strong belief in a balanced healthy life which not all people have access to.  So, throughout summer, we’ll give families the chance to escape city life…

Free tickets to ‘escape the city’ routes around the UK.

To be in with a chance of winning a ticket, all you’ll need to do is successfully screen grab the Cadbury’s Runaway Train that’ll be popping up on our social posts.

It’ll also be trundling across digital 6 sheets too…

After you’ve bagged a runaway ticket, you’ll be able to download it straight to your phone - and start planning for a fun trip.

We could even work with select train lines,  giving ‘Carriage C’s’ a complete Cadbury makeover…

And you can begin your runaway escape in earnest.

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