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Tina's Leaving Party 

Everyone loves a leaving party, especially when there's a free tab. So to help Yorkshire's Tea's new advert ' A Proper Send Off' reach fame , we brought the leaving party into real life.

On the evening the ad launches we’ll throw Tina’s leaving party for real at one of harrogate local pubs complete with a tab behind the bar so the Yorkshire fans can come to join in on the experience. 


As well at our YT staff the real Tina along with other characters from the TVC.

We’ll share our ad at 5pm on Twitter and the post copy on the tweet will nod to the fact the YT employees are off down the pub before the next posts are shared giving the details on how to join.

On social we’ll target solely to people in the Harrogate area and encourage them to swipe up to grab a ticket to Tina’s leaving drinks.

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