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Discover The Allure 

Peugeot asked us to reveal the new 2006 in a way that proves everything is a more attractive and exciting with a little dose of allure, so we create something that would tap into peoples' inquisitive natures. 

The rules are simple - navigate the maze and find the hidden 3008. The first person to successfully navigate their way to find the car will drive it out of the maze, revealing it as the first 3008 to the rest of the world.

We’ll collaborate with a set designer to create a maze that’s visually inspired by the new model. Drawing upon visual cues and design aesthetic to create a 3008-esque experience. The same LED lights used for the interior will light up the pathways and the walls will be constructed from the same, premium leather used for the seats.

Working with a director, we’ll capture shots with ‘Squid Game energy’ to turn into a cool piece of short form content that can be shared across social to stylishly reveal the 3008 to the wider world. Once the winner finds the car, the drone will pull out to reveal that the maze is in the shape of the new Peugeot logo.

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