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Tannoy Takeover

With the new Co-op Live Stadium being built and with local Manchester lad turned star, Harry, keen to help out, so an idea that nodded to Co-op's community concerned routes whilst also fitting for Harry's personality was needed to announce it. 

We’ll let Harry lift the mood on a grey day in Manchester by letting him loose over the tannoy in one of our local stores. In between singing the choruses of his famous tracks, he’ll joke and interact with customers. For example he might remind a Granny to remember her milk or banter with a group of teens about what snacks they’re going for as well making sure he bigs up the exciting news about Manchester's new stadium, Co-op Live. 


We’ll cut together a funny, shareable film that shows both the customers shock and surprise and Harry’s enjoyment in taking part in the cheeky stunt. This would be shared all over the internet both by media platforms and organically.


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