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Proper Paint

With neutrals still very much in favour with the home influencers, when Yorkshire Tea asked us to come up with unexpected ways to get people talking about their tea we thought it was a perfect time to use the hue of the perfect brew to our advantage. 

We’ll partner with a famous sustainable paint brand to create our Proper Brew Paint, leveraging their properness in the paint world to drive engagement across PR and social.  


We could tap into their existing brand assets, such as Lick’s swatches or Farrow & Ball’s colour expert Paddy O’Donnell to engage their significant, engaged audiences and generate demand.

We could launch ‘Proper Brew’ on our own channels by giving people the CMYK reference and encouraging them to ‘Brew the Hue’ at their local B&Q or Dulux. 


We’ll tweet a cryptic message that makes public the hue to our tea-coloured paint. 


We’ll then leave the tweet for 24 hours to garner attention from the confused masses and give them time to attempt to decipher the 5-letter code. The following day we’ll reveal that you can now take this magic number to any large paint supplier to brew the hue of our Proper Paint.


Or, what if we let the audience dictate what their perfect shade of brew is?


We’d encourage people to share a picture of their brew with #properme and pick a selection of the best (or worst) to have their very own Yorkshire Tea mug made. We’ll use the exact pantone of their chosen colour to line the mug, ensuring no one ever gets it wrong again. 


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